Company Profile


KOKOGROUP own two kinds of business, one is manufacuturing ( painting brush, painting roller, steel files, and packaging ), the other is trading ( various hand tools, construction tools, painting tools, hardwares, power tools and so on ). KOKOGROUP welcome your enquries by email or fax.
Our history is since 1995, we started international business, exporting various goods to the world, then establish our own manufacturing. Our business is developing along with the step of our countrys openning policy.

Our honest working are received good reputations from more and more customers. We hope to establish long business relations and good friendship with every customers.

Now we mainly dedicate ourselves to develop series construction tools, to let people have a beautifule residence .
Such as pry bar, stone chisel, trowel, scraper, clamp ,saws for masonry works,
Such as painting brush, painting roller, mixer for painters.
Such as folded working tables, cutter, ruler for wall-paper works.
Such as many electric, pneumatic tools for fast and powerful building.
Details as per our products lists.
Using our construction tools, you will always enjoy your DIY working or professional job.

Today our goods are exported to the different place of the world, we meet two different market, one is proffessional user, the other is DIY user. Our main market is European, also Mideast, southeast Asia are our big market too. We want to recognize more friends , we wish to send our quality products and good services to the world.
We welcome you to visit us in your convenience, our nearest air port is Hangzhou, Ningbo. Shanghai is also not so far from us.