In home life, we often encounter some small "problems" that need hands-on ability, such as buying a decorative painting to hang on the wall, replacing the screws and hinges of the furniture if they are damaged, or repairing the water pipe if it leaks. These small "problems" are often encountered in home life. It seems that it is too "fussy" to hire a professional teacher to do these small "problems". Moreover, the visit fee is also an expense. The best way is to solve these problems by yourself.

Do it yourself needs to know what tools are most commonly used and most worth buying.

Screwdriver: also known as "screwdriver" and "screwdriver", it is one of the most common necessary hand tools for families. Almost all furniture, electrical appliances, electronic equipment, etc. are made by fastening screws, and the screwdriver is the bridge for fastening. There are many kinds of screwdrivers, such as one word, cross, meter word, hexagon, etc., which can be inserted into the slot or notch of the screw head. Turning the screw can force the furniture, electrical appliances, electronic equipment, etc. to be in place.

Hammers: hammers are also one of the most common hand tools in the family. Sometimes hammers are used when something in the family breaks or nails to the wall. Hammers come in a variety of forms, the most common being a handle and a top. One side of the top is flat for knocking, the other is the hammer head. Hammerheads can be shaped like sheep horns or wedges. The work of the wedge hammer is to pull out the nail, using the lever principle.

Spanner: spanner is a common installation and removal tool. A hand tool used to turn bolts, screws, nuts, and other threaded fasteners to hold the opening or sleeve of a bolt or nut. A wrench is usually provided with a clamping handle at one or both ends of the handle to apply external force to the handle to turn the opening or sleeve hole of the bolt or nut. When in use, the bolt or nut can be turned by applying external force on the handle along the thread rotation direction.

Try electric pen: when electricians are working, we often see them holding something like a pen and lighting wires, like measuring something. After the measurement, the electrician began to work. This pen is called "electric pencil" for short. It is an electrical tool used to test whether there is electricity in the wire. There is a neon bubble in the pen. If the neon bubble glows during the test, it means that the wire has electricity, or it is the live wire of the passage. The tip and tail of the test pen are made of metal materials, and the pen post is made of insulating materials. When using the electric test pen, you must touch the metal part at the end of the electric test pen with your hand. Otherwise, because there is no circuit between the electrified body, the electric test pen, the human body and the earth, the neon bubble in the electric test pen will not light up, resulting in misjudgment, and the electrified body is considered to be uncharged. In the home life, sometimes you need to change the light bulb, connect the electric wire and try the electric pen.

Tape measure: tape measure is a common tool in daily life. When building, decorating and making wooden furniture, we often see steel tape. In fact, in addition to steel tape, tape can also be divided into fiber tape, tape, waist tape and so on.

Art knife: knife with sharp blade and several parallel scribes. Because it is often used to cut wallpaper and other things, it is also known as "wallpaper knife", which is often used in decoration, decoration, advertising board industry. The biggest feature of the art knife is to use a segmented blade which is easy to replace. When it is used, it can fold off a section that is not sharp. It can keep the sharpness all the time without sharpening the knife.


The above is the manual tools that are frequently used in life. There are many tools and they are also fragmented. Xiaobian suggests that you can choose a set of tools directly when you purchase. Generally in the tool set will cover a wide range of tools, consumers can choose according to their own needs for their own tool set Oh!