Sharpening the knife does not mistake the woodcutter. Of course, you should choose a good painting tool for painting. Let's talk about a specific tool for drawing simple strokes.

Main painting tools: paper, pencil, rubber, neutral pen, needle pen. Next, I will introduce them one by one.

Drawing paper: there are many drawing paper that can be used for line drawing and simple strokes: printing paper, general notebook paper, sketch paper, sketch paper, watercolor paper, cardboard, etc. as long as the pen can write on it, it can be used.


When we draw line drawing simple strokes, we can often do line exercises at will. The requirements for paper are not high, as long as we can draw, which is also the convenience of line drawing simple strokes. Beginners often do exercises with wrapping paper. The back of wrapping paper is blank, so it can also be used for drawing.

Pencil: pencil is used to draw the first draft. It can record our ideas and ideas in time. For the selection of pencils, it is better to choose 2B or 4B. Do not choose Hb. The tip of Hb is very hard, while beginners are easy to draw heavily, and Hb is difficult to clean.

Rubber: there are two choices of rubber, one is hard rubber and the other is plastic rubber.

Hard eraser is more general, for a large range of pencil manuscript with hard eraser will wipe faster and clean.

Plastic rubber has plasticity and good buoyancy. When drawing, I accidentally dirty the picture. If it's not very serious, I can use plastic rubber to press the dirty part of the picture to make the transition between black and white and gray more natural. When using plastic eraser, you can knead it with your hands or press it into different shapes. For example, in some places, you can knead it carefully and pointedly to erase pencil manuscript, mainly aiming at small-scale modification. If it is large-scale erasure, it is suggested to use hard eraser ~ large-scale erasure with plastic eraser can easily make the picture worse.

Neutral pen: the neutral pen is the pencil character we usually use. Xiaoyun often uses the neutral pen 0.5 and 0.38. The novice can choose the neutral pen at the beginning of practice, which is more cost-effective than the needle pen, but compared with the needle pen, the line drawn by the neutral pen is single, and the smoothness of water flow is slightly weak, but these can be controlled artificially, which is good for the novice's hand feeling practice.

Needle pen: needle pen is one of the basic tools for drawing drawings. It can draw even and consistent lines. The vent channel in the pen tip assembly makes the air pressure inside and outside the pen tube level, so it can keep the ink flowing out evenly.

The choice of thickness of needle pen is much more than that of neutral pen, and the price is also more expensive than that of neutral pen. However, it is a necessary tool for professional painters, but novices can use neutral pen first if economic conditions do not allow, and then choose needle pen later.