Tear off the film and the backing paper, pull the film forward with one hand, and stick the film surface from the middle to both sides with the other hand. Soft cloth is easier to touch. At the beginning of pasting, it is suggested to stick along the wall from top to bottom, gently backlog bubbles and wrinkles from the middle to both sides.

1、First of all, before pasting the wallpaper, the wall must be cleaned to avoid dust affecting the pasting effect. If the wall is uneven, it must be leveled and the corresponding tools should be prepared.

2、After cleaning, use a ruler to measure the height to be pasted, and then cut. When cutting, leave an extra 5cm on each side for later processing. There are patterns on the wallpaper. When cutting, pay attention to the beauty.

3、The self-adhesive wallpaper also needs to be cut. After cutting, pour the base film into the bucket, mix it with water, and then evenly apply it on the wall.

4、When pasting self-adhesive wallpaper, first start from one side of the wall and stick it in one direction. Use the scraper to scrape horizontally from one side to the other side to remove the gas. Otherwise, bubbles are easy to appear. Cut off the extra wallpaper.

5、The last step is to cut around after pasting. Pay attention to the cutting of doors, windows and switches.